Reimer Group Meetings - Spring 2024

Wednesdays, Noon - 1:30PM Tan Hall

Date                                    Topic                                           Speaker                               Location


Jan 31                   social time                                                                                  775B

  Feb 7                   paramagnetic shifts                                                                    775A

  Feb 14             share what you are reading                all                                        403 Latimer

  Feb 21               upcoming conferences                     all                                        775A

  Feb 28                    status of CUP                          Shira Haber                             775A

  Mar 6                   paramagnetic shifts                                                                    775A

  Mar 13            fractals and deconstruction             Sophia Fricke                          775B

  Mar 20                 paramagnetic shifts                     Chapter 3                               775A

  Mar 27                Spring recess                                                                              775A

  Apr 3               short talks, ENC prep  etc.                                                              775A

  Apr 10                 ENC in Asilomar

  Apr 17                 academic job searching           David H and Haiyan M               403 Latimer

  Apr 24                     NMR at BASF                          Karsten Seidel                        775A

  May 1                  undergrad presentations                                                             775A

  May 8                  paramagnetic shifts                                                                     775B