Reimer Group Meetings - Summer 2023

10:30-12:00 PM Fridays  Hildebrand Library Room E

Date                                   Topic                                           Speaker                               Notes

April 21                           LAB CLEAN-UP                                                                                                  ENC

April 28                  society and science reading                    David H is moderator                       query, epiphany, extension May 5                   Pentacene MOFs and other things                Julianne Oshiro

May 12                       Wet CO2 capture                                          Ah-Young Song                            Spring semester ends

May 19                       Wet CO2 capture                                          Haiyan Mao

May 26                                no meeting                                                                                                    CCUS Gordon Conf   JAR out

June 2                                   no meeting                                                                                                   CCUS Gordon Conf   JAR out

June 9                Designing materials for photocatalysis          Prof. Kyriakos Stylaniou

June 16                Non-equilibrium Nuclear Spin States                 Christian Bengs                              from Southampton  

July 21                                poetry/prose day!                                                all                                          BYOL at noon!

Aug 13-17                           ACS Meeting in SF

Aug 25                           lab cleanup for semester start